Kathmandu:        Capital city and commercial hub of Nepal

Altitude:               Average 1,340 m / 4,422 ft high.

Population:         Approx: 1 Million with 45 % natives & 55 % migrants from other parts of Nepal.

Located:               Baghmati Zone within mid Nepal.


Kathmandu, capital city and commercial hub of Republic of Nepal altitude at 1,340 m / 4,422 ft a huge valley surrounded with green hills dotted with farm villages and cultivated terraces extends towards with views of Central Himalayan mountains Ganesh and Langtang Himal as far to Jugal Himal range.

As history and geography shows that Kathmandu valley was once a huge lake drained by the mighty sword of God Manjushree (patron deity of Kathmandu the Newar people).

Located within a green valley at present concrete city has mushroomed with modern buildings but yet still retains its age old glory with its ancient historical and religious sites that listed in World Heritage Sites.

A Tour of Kathmandu from half a day to full day or more involves short drive and walks.

Tour of Kathmandu Durbar Square, Swayambhunath, Pashupatinath and Bouddhanath, approx of 05 to 06 hours duration (a full day program).

Kathmandu tour led by expert city guide at places of interest around Kathmandu Durbar Square (old palace courtyard), ancient royal Durbar Square and Hanuman Dhoka (palace) old Kastamandap Temple (Kathmandu name derived from), a temple built of wood of a single tree, visit Kumari Goddess (living and virgin goddess).

Next Tour of old Swayambhunath a historical Buddhist religion monument l more than 2,6000 years old history a Buddhist complex with a massif dome shaped ‘stupa’ having four mystical eyes of Buddha facing North, South, East and West.

Next tour of Hindu Holy Pashupatinath Temple, non Hindu are not allowed inside the main premises, visitors can get a glimpse from the side of Baghmati River, a famous Shiva temple of golden pagoda roofs, four silver doors surrounded within green forest with monkeys around.

In the month of February a festival ‘Shiva Ratri’ (birth anniversary of lord Shiva) takes place every year where thousands of pilgrims visits including from India as well.

From here a short ride to Bouddhanath Stupa:

One of largest Buddhist shrine around South East Asia, this ancient colossal chhorten or Stupa built in 6th Century A.D. by King Man Deb.

A series of Three terraces looking from bird’s eye view it takes the form and relevant shape of a lotus, which remains a very holy object for all devout around Buddhists world-wide.

The chhorten surrounded by circular market, which forms like a small portion of Tibet the stupa with four sided Buddha’s eyes. The chhorten embraces the authentic philosophy of Mahayana the faith of which is known as Lamaism in Sikkim, Ladakh, Bhutan and Tibet.

Other interesting Tour extension within Kathmandu:


Located short distance North of Kathmandu, visit beautiful idol of Sleeping Vishnu on a bed of Serpents in the mid of the pond, history dates back more than 7th century old.


Dakshinkali Temple, situated south of Kathmandu. This holy spot holds an important pilgrimage, drawing over 400,000 pilgrims a year to worship and prayer with animal sacrifices to Goddess Kali.

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