‘adventure to remote areas of Nepal Far West Himalaya in complete wilderness of mountains’

“Incredible adventure and experience  to Bhirkuti Himal Climb with super views of mountains
Fabulous scenery from the peak summit around high and beyond beautiful Upper Mustang areas
A great adventure with cultural around interesting traditional villages of remote Mustang
Grand views on daily walks towards picturesque Upper Mustang and Damodar holy lakes
Climb of great courage and skill on top stunning Bhirkuti Himal with exciting adventure
Walking into scenic country of high eroded cliffs and canyon with snow capped peaks views
From alpine cooler zone to arctic zone of ice and glaciers around Damodar and Bhirkuti areas”

Bhirkuti Himal Climb Profile:                                                                                             

Trip Mode:                          Hotel- Lodge with camping from Lo-Manthang onward.
Trekking grade:                 Moderate & Adventurous to Challenging (in snow condition)
Climbing Grade:                                PD + ‘Per Difficule’ as per French / Swiss Alpine Climbing Classification.
Activities:                            Cultural and scenic trek with adventurous climb, exciting drive and flights.
Trek & Climb duration:   24 Nights & 25 Days (Pokhara to Pokhara).
Total Trip:                            29 Nights & 30 Days (Kathmandu-Kathmandu).
Best Season:                      April to October includes monsoon months of July and August, but
April to May and September to October months days are clear.


An exclusive adventure in the hidden areas of remote and isolated Upper Mustang where very few trekkers and adventurer seldom venture in this wild wilderness of mountains and glacier fed lakes.

Bhirkuti Himal stands as 6,364 m and 21,02 ft high around Damodar Himal range of mountains located Far North Western Himalaya of Nepal within a mere distance to Tibet border and to Nar-Phu areas.

The region once a forbidden and restricted areas for normal trekkers and visitors, where at present allowed to travel in this awesome country with special permits to enter this magical Shangri-La beyond Upper Mustang and Lo-Manthang the fortress and walled village.

The climb of Bhirkuti Himal, where few climbers seldom visit on this off the beaten tracks area, the climb leads to straightforward at the summit top with some technical challenge and difficulty to accomplish this adventure on top Bhirkuti Himal.

The climbing grade listed as PD + (Peu Difficile / a little technical difficult and walking on glaciers) the grade as per Swiss / French Alpine Climbing Classification System.

Starting our awesome journey and adventure for Bhirkuti Himal climb taking a sweeping scenic short flight to land at Jomsom, the headquarter of all Mustang areas located on old Trans Himalayan Salt Trade and Caravan Route of Nepal and Tibet.

From Jomsom walk leads into barren terrain within red-brown and grey mud eroded hills-high cliffs and canyons dotted with smaller caves holes, certainly a picturesque wild country a photographic place with amazing views of snow capped peaks with desert like landscapes.

Actually an extension of Tibet Far South West plateau, where trade to Tibet still exists over Karo-la passes the frontier of Nepal and Tibet / China, walk leads past nice and impressive villages adorned with prayer walls-wheels and monasteries of great interest around Chele, Tsuang-Tsarang and at forbidden walled kingdom of Lo-Manthang.

With time at Lo Manthang our adventure continues beyond Lo-Manthang into remote zone within Damodar Himal areas to reach at Bhirkuti Himal base camp for adventurous climb to its summit.

Located between Kumlun Himal 6,365m, Shelka Kangri 6,358m, with two other un-named towards north-east at 6,378m and south-west 6,380m and more, climb of Bhrikuti Himal taking possible and accessible route using the North route, supported with mules caravan to carry our camping and climbing gears right up to base camp at 5,800m.

Climb of Bhirkuti Himal undertaken after much preparation having acclimatization and practice days before the bid to its summit top, with full support of our expert climbing guides and camping crews.

After a successful ascent with glorious panorama of surrounding peaks of Damodar and Mustang Himal range, then heading back to Jomsom taking an alternative route to reach at holy Muktinath Temple and then down to Kaligandaki River valley to reach at Jomsom for sweeping-scenic flight to beautiful Pokhara.

On reaching Pokhara our wonderful and most amazing adventure of a lifetime experience on Bhirkuti Himal Climb completes.

Brief Itinerary:

Day 01:            Arrival at Kathmandu and transfer to hotel.
Day 02:            In Kathmandu optional tour and preparation for Bhirkuti Himal Climb.
Day 03:            Drive or fly to Pokhara 860 m- 06 hrs (30 mins scenic flight) and transfer to hotel.
Day 04:            Morning flight to Jomsom 2,715 m and trek to Kagbeni – 04 hrs.
Day 05:            Trek to Chele (Tsele) 3,050 m – 06 hrs.
Day 06:            Trek to Geling 3,540 m – 05 hrs.
Day 07:            Trek to Tsarang (Charang) 3,560 m – 06 hrs.
Day 08:            Trek to Lo-Manthang 3,700 m – 05 hrs.
Day 09:            In Lo-Manthang rest day for acclimatization and local visit.
Day 10:            Trek to Yara 3,550 m via Dhi / Dri – 06 hrs.
Day 11:            Trek to Ghuma Thanti 4,856meter via 5,100 m pass – 07 hrs.
Day 12:            Trek to Batsyak Camp 4,880 m – 05 hrs.
Day 12:            Trek to Damodar Kunda via Batsyak-La 5,490 m – 05 hrs.
Day 13:            Rest day at Damodar Kunda for acclimatization and exploration.
Day 14:            Trek to Bhirkuti base camp 5,800 m – 05 hrs.
Day 15:            At base camp for acclimatization and preparation for the climb.
Day 16-17:       Climbing period to the summit of Bhirkuti Peak and descend to base camp.
Day 18:            Reserved and Contingency day in case of unfavorable weather condition.
Day 19:            Trek to Damodar Kunda – 05 hrs.
Day 20:            Trek to Ghuma Thanti – 06 hrs.
Day 21:            Trek to Yara 3,550 m – 07 hrs.
Day 22:            Trek to Luri Gompa 3,900 m – 05 hrs.
Day 23:            Trek to Tange 3,250 m – 06 hrs.
Day 24:            Trek to Tsusang (Chusang) 2,920 m – 06 hrs.
Day 25:            Trek to Muktinath 3,800 m – 06 hrs.
Day 26:            Trek to Jomsom 2,715 m – 06 hrs.
Day 27:            Fly from Jomsom to Pokhara 860 m – 25 mins flight.
Day 28:            Drive or fly back to Kathmandu afternoon free at leisure.
Day 29:            In Kathmandu free day for own individual activities.
Day 30:            International departure homeward bound.


Plastic Boot                                                        a pair
Crampons                                                           a pair
Ice Axe                                                                one
Harness                                                              one
Carabineer or Karabiner                                 two each
Snow Gaiters                                                     a pair
Snow / Sun Glass                                             one each
Warm Gloves                                                     a pair
Wind Proof Jacket & Trouser                         a set each
Down Jacket                                                      one each
Down sleeping bags                                          one each with inner linear
Main Ropes                                                        200m (50 m per person) as per the peak chosen
Snow Bar                                                             2 / 4 pieces depending upon group size.
Ski Pole (optional)                                            one each


Following items can be bought or hired in Kathmandu.

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